What is the perfect weight for women according to their age?

The desire for the attractive look has seen many women go crazy ending up with health risks and especially in their weight.  Although, it is good to look elegant, but you health condition is more and more important. Today’s, most of the women have the question which is what a healthy weight is for a woman. Even though, it is a simple question to ask, it has some difficulty in answering such things. The reason is that the weight of the human body depends upon various kinds of factors. In such a way, the height is the most crucial thing when you calculate your body weight and the weight may be different upon the body types.   Additionally, age is also an essential thing to consider the weight loss plan for women  In this article, you will see the weight calculation which depends upon your age.

As you know that age is also an important factor which can be used to estimate your body weight. In that manner, the correct weight for women who are aged between 20 to 29 years should have the weight range within 133 pounds. Furthermore, the females whose ages ranged from 30 to 39 ages, they should have the weight range inbound of 145 pounds. In essence, for those who are in the ages between 40 to 49 years, must have the weight range within 150 pounds. Additionally, the women who are aged within 50 to 60 years, then they should have the weight range as 158 pounds. It is essential to note that, the people who are exceeding the age limit above 60, it is better and safe to retain in the 150 pounds. In this way, the weigh is calculated using the age as the main factor.

If you are not in the range of specified age and height with perfect weight, then you have to lose or gain your weight to match this specification. Actually, these kinds of weight loss plan for women are available in different places like hospitals or the doctor’s office. There, you can find that for each inch of height and age, should have the appropriate weight is given. Fortunately, this chart is also offered through the internet and so, you can see it get the right idea in reducing or gaining your weight in the healthiest manner. For this purpose, there are a large number of sites which offered through the online, where you can calculate your weight in the best manner. So, you need to provide your personal information like your height and age to calculate your weight in the most effective manner. In the same way, the body mass index calculator is used by the people gives accurate result, whether you are having the perfect weight or not related to your age. So, you can also use the body mass index calculator to calculate your weight. So, it is better to take the consultation with your doctor or physical advisor before you have taken decision about your weight.

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