Healthy weight calculation using the height factor

Nowadays, obesity and overweight are the two most common problems which affect most of the people throughout the world. They cause a lot of problems like heart diseases, high blood pressure and blood sugar and so on. These are the most dangerous problems which can cause serious threats to your life. So, it is necessary to reduce your weight and the excessive fat in your body to avoid such frustrating situations. Especially, most of the women who have a little high weight of the body want to reduce their weight in the healthiest manner. Furthermore, they want to sustain their body weight in the constant way and so they are looking for different methodologies to reduce their weight. Actually, having the constant weight does not only provide the attractive look, but it is also beneficial to have the healthiest body. In this article, you will see about the weight loss plan for women  who are in need of losing and gaining weight.

Generally, the weight of the human body depends upon different factors and it is very essential to know. In that manner, the body weight may vary in type of the body, height, age and so on. But, it is very important to maintain the weight as per your height. In such a manner, the weight of your body is only assumed with your height and so it is the most important thing to determine whether you have appropriate body weight.

There is also a chart which available for women that shows the right weight and height ratios. In that manner, the appropriate weight for women who are in 4’10” height ranges, then they should have the weight between 100 to131 pounds.  Furthermore, for those who have the height range between 5’0”, then their weight should be in the range of 103 to 137 pounds.  In the same way, people who have the height range as 5’3” should have the weight between 111 to 148 pounds.  In addition to that, the women who have weight between 117 and 160 pounds are appropriate for the women who have the height range as 5’5”. It is important to note that the women who have height over 5’7” do not exceed the weight range above 117 pounds. In this manner, the weight loss plan for women is calculated over the height.

Actually, this weight chart is changed fir the male and female and so it should not be apt for the men. It is very essential to know about your weight and height calculation to meet your goals in your weight. In addition to that, the weight calculation may also be varied by the body of the women. So, it is very essential to keep these things in your mind when you want to trim or gain your body weight. However, the excessive fat in your body may cause serious effects and so it is better to burn them to get the best result in your figure.

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